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Which is better: concrete mixing plant or mixing plant

May 31, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant and mixing plant, I believe people engaged in the construction industry have heard of them, but can you really distinguish them?

There are many customers who think that the difference between the mixing plant and the mixing building is the appearance, the mixing plant is fully enclosed type, dustproof effect will be better, more environmentally friendly. The mixing plant is, only the main station external seal (main building and inclined belt external seal), the price is more affordable, but also to achieve the dustproof effect. But, in fact, the appearance is only a small difference, the big difference is still in the structure and configuration.

The difference between concrete mixing plant and mixing plant is not only the difference in appearance, but also the difference between NFLG and concrete mixing plant:

Concrete mixing plant has five major systems, such as material supply system, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system and so on. The mixing building is relatively simple, followed by the fact that the aggregate bin of the mixing building is above, and the aggregate enters the mixer after measurement; while the aggregate bin of the concrete mixing plant is below, and the aggregate needs to be transported through the inclined belt after measurement (there is also a part of using the progress machine) and then enters the mixer.

From the way of aggregate entering

In concrete mixing plant, the aggregate is lifted twice, and after the aggregate is weighed, it has to go through the inclined belt or bucket before it enters the main machine, and the late belt and bucket will be worn out after a long time of transportation, and the failure rate will increase; while in the mixing plant, the aggregate is lifted once, and the aggregate bin is above, and it is directly sent to the mixer after measurement. The metering process directly cuts four links, speeding up the production speed, higher efficiency, higher output and lower failure rate.

Although the mixing building is much more efficient than the mixing plant, but it involves handling and installation, price, these aspects, the advantages of the mixing plant will be a little more.

From the use of equipment site

Mixing building is too large, the preliminary installation, spending a little more time than the mixing plant, the later is not convenient to move, more suitable for large-scale water conservancy projects or large commercial supply, the cost of building the station is also much higher; and mixing plant, can do more models, the structure is not so large, fast installation, the later demolition is also convenient, the price, compared to the mixing plant, cost-effective to a little higher.

1. in operation because the concrete mixing plant mixing plant slant belt energy consumption and failure rate will increase, while the mixing plant energy consumption and failure rate is relatively low. Because the production capacity of the mixing plant is small, the structure is easy to disassemble, can constitute a container transfer address, suitable for construction sites;

2. while the mixing plant is large, the production rate is higher, only as a fixed mixing equipment, suitable for large water conservancy projects or large production of products concrete supply. Therefore, when customers differentiate concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing building, they can choose the suitable equipment from several aspects, such as the number of times of aggregate (material) feeding and production power.

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