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Notes on the operation of concrete mixing plant equipment

May 12, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

The concrete mixing plant should be built in strict accordance with the information and construction suggestions provided by the relevant technical personnel: in a solid and flat place, good foundation construction, establishment of drainage system, setting of environmental protection facilities, insulated operating table should be set up at the operator’s operation, and safety operation signs should be set at each operation link obviously.

Before starting the concrete mixing plant equipment, check the circuit and various appearances, whether the settings of wire rope track, pulley and conveyor belt are correct, and confirm that there is no problem before starting the work.

Concrete mixing plant equipment workers are licensed to work, and when the machine is turned on, the mind is concentrated, stick to the post, and do not leave without permission.

It is strictly forbidden to walk under the hopper when the conveyor is lowered or the hopper is lifted. When the hopper pit needs to be cleaned, the safety chain must be hung before cleaning.

When repairing and finishing the concrete bond in the mixing cylinder, the power supply must be blocked, and the sign to stop closing the gate must be hung on the electric material gate, and a person must be assigned to take care of it to prevent injuries.

After the concrete mixing plant is finished, the wastewater from the shabu-shabu mixing plant and concrete mixing and transportation truck should be poured into the designated sedimentation pool, and the wastewater should not be put everywhere. Concrete mixing plant equipment is not allowed to use facilities such as iodine tungsten lamp and electric heaters for internal heating to prevent fire. Concrete mixing plant equipment electrical switch cabinet set up a reliable locking equipment, idle people to stop approaching, open the box.

In addition to the practical tools of the mixing plant, no other sundries are allowed to be placed in the operation room, and the internal hygiene of the operation room is guaranteed at all times.

No one is allowed to stand under the discharge hopper of the concrete mixing plant, and the personnel who do the test can only take the material for the test after the tanker has been driven out of the discharge position.

Check the combination of all key parts of the concrete mixing plant at any time, and check the operation of the equipment every shift to make sure that the electrical links are tight and all parts are healthy and safe.

The normal operation of the equipment needs from the standard of operation, safety measures in place, timely maintenance, health measures, to do these basic can guarantee the normal production of concrete mixing plant equipment, and can extend the service life of the equipment to ensure the durability and longevity of the equipment.

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