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How much does it cost to build a 180 type concrete mixing plant now?

April 24, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Our highway lines, airports, highways, roads and bridges are built with reinforced concrete, which must use a lot of concrete goods. To obtain good quality concrete, a commercial concrete plant needs to use good machinery and equipment. 180 type concrete mixing plant can meet the requirements of concrete quality and production volume for large scale projects.

So how much does it cost to invest in a 180 square concrete mixing plant? To build a large mixing plant, you must budget from all aspects of capital allocation, so the main price point cannot be immediately derived. Let’s roughly calculate what the money is invested in building a 180 concrete mixing plant and see if it is worth investing so much money.

Calculation of the cost of 180 concrete mixing plant:

180 concrete mixing plant total capital investment costs mainly include: premises, equipment, labor costs, labor costs, car transportation costs, electronic weighbridge these, and its also need to set aside some liquidity for business turnover.

1. machine and equipment costs: a set of 180 mixing plant by the mixing system, automatic batching system, weighing system software, conveying system, automatic control system and several other systems, if the purchase of a full set of 180m³/h standard mixing plant machinery and equipment, according to the manufacturer’s well-known brands are different prices roughly 800,000 – 1.2 million up and down;

2. site fee: how much is the total area covered by the concrete mixing plant, 180 square concrete mixing plant covers a total area of about 20,000m², which must be calculated based on local land prices, the location of the mixing plant is crucial, associated with the later development, as far as possible to avoid residential areas, abundant water resources, geographically advantageous sites;

3. vehicle cost: 180m³/h concrete mixing plant about 10-20 tanker trucks and concrete pump truck, the average price of the tanker trucks need to be 3 million – 5 million, concrete pump truck 40-80 million, if you choose to rent or business outsourcing can save a large part of the cost;

4. manpower costs: this is based on local wages and salaries, generally the staff salary of the mixing plant and the total output of the mixing plant is directly related;

5. raw material costs include: cement, sand, ash, concrete admixtures, stone and other raw materials, based on the local sales market price multiplied by the net weight of raw materials needed to get the amount of costs;

6. the cost of consumables: the cost of spare parts such as mixer wear-resistant liner, mixing arm, equipment grease, pipes, etc.;

7. other costs: some office equipment, Internet costs, equipment maintenance fees, water and electricity works, communication fees, etc. This kind of fixed depletion as every month, after a year is also a big expense;

The above costs are only for reference, the price of a full set of 180 concrete mixing plant is not to say that a number can be clear, the creation of a mixing plant is a long-term investment, and still a short time to see the results of a project investment.

180 concrete mixing plant, despite the relatively expensive price, but as a large and medium-sized mixing plant, 180 concrete mixing plant based on a total theoretical output of 180 square meters per hour, the mixing server for the double horizontal shaft forced type JS3000 concrete mixer, also called 3 square machine, its mixing production is relatively strong, the batching machine for the PLD4800 concrete batching machine, can manufacture a variety of types and specifications of concrete, can as the necessary equipment for the daily concrete demand of large-scale sex mixing plant.

All in all, building a 180 concrete mixing plant, must be fully considered, no matter which aspect there is a shift, are going to jeopardize the operating costs behind. The overall situation seems that the 180 concrete mixing plant project investment must be about 800,000 – 1.2 million U.S. dollars up and down, you can take it as a reference, this is also a great investment, so all aspects need to integrate their own specific circumstances to seriously consider the investment.

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