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Eight standards of concrete mixing plant

April 20, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

After buying back the concrete mixing plant from the concrete mixing plant manufacturer must find a professional or supply concrete mixing plant manufacturer’s technical staff to the customer site for equipment, but here to remind you that after the concrete mixing plant equipment, we need to test the advantages of the test is to maximize the identification of defects and unsafe elements, for the late normal and safe production of a good foundation.

concrete mixing plant equipment inspection standards of the details of the following matters:

1. The fixed mixer in the concrete mixing plant should be equipped on a solid pedestal, and if it is used for a long time, the ground bolts should be buried, and if it is used for a short time, wooden pillows should be laid under the machine and leveled and put in place.

2. Concrete mixing plant in the mobile mixer, should be equipped on a flat and hard ground, with a wooden square or support frame, and keep the level, and prohibit the use of tires instead of support, the use of a long time (usually more than 3 months) should be removed from the tires for proper storage, the end of the axle should be well cleaned and anti-rust work.

3. The transmission mechanism, operating equipment, clutch and brake should be fastened, sensitive and secure, and the protective cover should be complete.

4. the mixer wire rope selected for the concrete mixing plant should not be rusted, broken wire, flattened and other invalid conditions. Concrete mixer equipment inspection process, concrete mixer

5. the machine body on the safe hook, the bucket on the lugs should be flawless, when the bucket is raised, should be hung on the safe hook.

6. the need to dig the hopper pit mixer, the pit should be high around the mat ramming, the bottom surface of the loading track frame should also be ramming or laying the back side of the brick frame to use wood to support to avoid long operating hours, track deformation.

7. The mixer should be equipped with rain-proof shed, no mud and water around the machinery, clean and tidy, all kinds of signs completely.

8. concrete mixing plant to the host of the mixer should be set up "a machine a gate a leak a box" leakage protector parameters for 30M A × 0.1S, motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ; protection zero line at least two, the appearance of the operating table, the indication signal accurate and reliable.

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