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How to solve the sewage discharge of used concrete mixing plant

May 16, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Along with the development of social and economic development, used concrete mixing plant has gained rapid and rapid development and use, but the ensuing environmental pollution problems must also be achieved early to solve, the following author will introduce several aspects of concrete mixing plant sewage treatment and prevention methods, looking forward to some assistance to us!

Used concrete mixing plant in the course of production and operation is bound to cause a lot of sewage, such sewage not only with sand and gravel, concrete and other basic building decoration materials, along with a variety of concrete additives, if immediately discharged, must lead to heavy pollution of the geographical environment. The company as a sales market object, its significance is not only to create value, but also should assume corporate social responsibility; therefore, the scientific and reasonable solution needed to carry out the production of concrete mixing plant sewage, supporting facilities corresponding to the environmental protection machinery and equipment, and thus into the new situation of environmental protection development trend provisions.

Sewage in the pool through the course of sedimentation (the use of nature’s force sedimentation, taking a long time, adjustment pool indoor space, occupy the place) or drug-assisted sedimentation (water quality was introduced new ingredients, reuse to production has an impact, less application), sedimentation pool supernatant discharge or reuse.

This type of traditional solution to remove the initial rough and simple and straightforward, as if there are no other benefits. Because the traditional way ignores the characteristics of the water body and the provisions of the sewage movement after the solution, moreover, ignores the high compressive strength of the discharge in production and the characteristics of the discharge constantly, the key is that this type of traditional way to solve the sewage water body can not meet the newly implemented environmental protection laws and regulations, policies and regulations.

We have designed a set of zero-emission (circulating system application) solution that is economically developed and applicable, with various compositions and convenient equipment, to help the concrete production company to complete the real sense of energy saving and consumption reduction by integrating the characteristics of the concrete production field.

The waste discharged from the used concrete mixing plant mainly comes from wastewater from the cleaning of concrete trucks, mixing of the main body, cleaning of the production site, waste and residue from the factory inspection samples of concrete, residue from force majeure, and waste concrete. The discharge of waste water and waste liquid seriously pollutes the surrounding environment; the scrapping and return of concrete must be pulled out for landfill disposal, and the disposal cost is not negligible and at the same time goes against the concept of environmental protection advocated.

At present, the common treatment methods for recycling and disposal of waste from used concrete mixing plants are

Use sand and gravel separation device to separate sand and gravel for recycling, and transport the generated waste to be precipitated and dumped outside the mixing plant for disposal. This way only recycles the gravel, and the waste precipitation discharged to the outside is not good for the environment.

The waste slurry processed by the gravel separation device is used for concrete production, but there is the problem of large fluctuations in concentration, which is difficult to control, and the quality of concrete cannot be controlled

The waste slurry generated is dewatered by a filter press to make cakes with low water content and then placed outside the station

None of these traditional methods can fully realize the recycling of waste, nor can they complete the recycling of a large amount of unhardened concrete. In the face of the many problems of waste discharge from mixing stations, it is more urgent to solve the problem of waste discharge as mixing station technicians, especially for the treatment of waste from some mixing stations with large production end, and to realize the green production of mixing stations.

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