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Matters that should be noted when using concrete mixing plant

April 20, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

The main raw material of concrete mixing plant is cement, the main varieties of cement at home and abroad are: silicate cement, ordinary silicate cement, slag silicate cement, volcanic ash silicate cement and fly ash silicate cement, so as a concrete mixing plant cement selection is very important, in general, according to the characteristics of the cement, the requirement of early strength of the concrete project, should be selected to use silicate cement or In general, according to the characteristics of cement, for concrete projects requiring early strength, silicate cement or ordinary silicate cement should be used, and for large volume concrete projects, slag cement should be used.

As a manager of concrete mixing plant, it is very important to control the raw materials in the daily management.

1. Before the cement comes in, it must be checked well with the relevant have factory certificate and experimental report.

2. For the cement stored for a long time must be first tested, generally speaking, cement from the factory more than three months will be considered expired.

3. When making finished products, different cements should not be mixed together, and for the same variety of cement, the strength grade is different or the factory date is not the same, as the manager should keep in mind the above rules. Meanwhile, raw materials such as sand, gravel and water are also very important, and concrete mixing plants should be strictly in accordance with national standards.

Managers must have a detailed understanding of the basic characteristics of concrete parameters, and the strength of the concrete produced by the concrete mixing plant must reach the required level. Concrete’s compatibility is a comprehensive technical property, and the good or bad compatibility directly affects the construction and strength level of concrete, so the compatibility is an important indicator to judge whether the quality of concrete is excellent.

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