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How do I need to maintain my concrete mixing plant?

April 18, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant equipment in the process of use, due to the wear and corrosion of parts and other phenomena, causing mechanical power safety and reliability of the reduction, so it is necessary to take the corresponding preventive measures to reduce the wear and tear of parts before the equipment has reached the limit of wear or before the failure, to eliminate the generation of safety risks, so as to ensure the normal work of the concrete mixing plant, which is why the concrete This is why the concrete mixing plant needs regular maintenance hood reasons. So how to maintain the concrete mixing plant equipment?


Cleanliness is to ensure that all parts of the concrete mixing plant are free of sludge and concrete clots, especially the cleanliness of the surface of the control cabinet and gearbox to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the machinery.


Fastening is to check and fasten the connections of each concrete mixing plant in time. If not tightened in time, it may not only produce oil leakage, gas leakage and electricity leakage, but also change the force distribution of the original design parts if the bolts of some key parts are loose, which may lead to deformation of the parts or fracture and separation of the parts, resulting in malfunction and mechanical accidents.


Adjustment is to check and adjust the relative relationship and working parameters of many parts of the concrete mixing plant machinery in time to ensure the normal operation of the machinery. In particular, the flexibility and reliability of key components should be adjusted properly to prevent accidents from occurring.


Lubrication is in accordance with the specified requirements, regular filling or replacement of lubricating oil, in order to maintain good lubrication between mechanical moving parts, reduce wear and tear of parts, to ensure the normal operation of machinery.


Protection is to do to the concrete mixing plant moisture, rust, acid, to prevent corrosion of mechanical parts and electrical equipment. In particular, the mechanical exterior must be painted or coated with grease and other anti-corrosion materials.

Concrete mixing plant is just like our family, it needs care and maintenance from time to time. Regular inspection and timely maintenance will reduce the wear and tear and increase the service life.

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