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Daily management of concrete mixing plant

April 19, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Training: At present, the configuration standard of concrete mixing equipment, the degree of automation are very high, there are many contents of information, special management personnel are needed, and digest the information, enter the manufacturer to receive training, prepare the training plan of the project and appropriate centralized training and assessment, gradually improve the company’s concrete mixing plant management level.

Determine the goal: The concrete mixing plant completes the demand of the project department for concrete according to the quality and quantity, eliminates the waste and has no accidents in safety.

Work procedure: The project department will make the work plan on a monthly basis. According to the work plan, the mixing plant will organize the production of concrete, provide the demand plan of raw materials on a monthly basis, reasonably arrange the production, transportation and maintenance of the equipment of the concrete mixing equipment, arrange the mandatory maintenance of the equipment when the work task is heavy, and grasp the training of the personnel when the work task is light.

Work requirements: use and maintain the machinery strictly according to the instruction manual, reserve some wearing parts, and regulate the behavior according to the rules and regulations and safety operation procedures.

Measurement of raw materials and finished concrete: The quantity of various raw materials and the control of finished concrete square must be based on the printed pound list as the quantity, combined with the mix ratio printed in the mixing station for calibration. The fuel consumption of transport vehicles in the mixing plant is strictly based on mileage, and some equipment can be consumed by hour, such as loaders and generators, and monthly statistical analysis is conducted and effective measures are taken to reduce consumption for over consumption. The electric safety management of the mixing plant and the safety management of the transportation vehicles strictly implement the national and company safety management regulations, strictly follow the driving speed corresponding to the road grade, operate according to the specification, do not save the process when operating, and strictly prohibit the operation when the conditions are not available.

Appraisal: Regular inspection of the site appearance of the mixing station, the business proficiency of various types of operators, the implementation of job duties, assessment and notification, see the attached table.

Other: Quality control of raw materials is the responsibility of the testing room and material section, and the disposal of unqualified raw materials is led by the testing room. The accuracy control of the mixing plant is the responsibility of the computer engineer. The calibration of the mixing plant is strictly carried out according to the regulations, and the testing personnel of the concrete mixing plant conduct regular accuracy checks, and the determination of the mixing time is jointly determined by the testing room and the deputy director of the mixing plant.

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