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NFLG new intelligent and environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant

April 25, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

NFLG has developed the HZS270 powder tank top type fully environmental protection commercial concrete production line and a set of WCRE60 fully automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment, in order to create a new environmental protection and energy-saving, stable and efficient, intelligent information environmental protection mixing plant, which is aimed at the problems of dust, sewage, waste residue, noise and other pollution sources in the production of concrete mixing plant. The company is committed to building a new type of environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, stable, efficient and information intelligent.

The layout of the concrete mixing plant is in the form of roof-mounted powder tanks, i.e. the powder tanks are arranged on top of the main building, which is a concrete structure. This layout not only can realize the intensive land use, but also can save the encapsulation cost. Each floor is relatively independent, with more space for maintenance activities and easy to clean. At the same time, using the sufficient concrete structure space under the main building, offices, laboratories, central control rooms, etc. are set up with high space utilization and reduced construction costs.

Fully enclosed, covered and recycled, with basically zero waste discharge. In order to reduce noise and dust, Ningbo Xusheng encloses the whole concrete production line. From the mixing building to the silo are all enclosed, and the concrete mixing plant is installed with dust collector, which can effectively recycle the powder dust and greatly reduce the dust pollution; the enclosed silo effectively reduces the dust and noise generated during the raw material feeding and production process. Conveying and mixing are carried out in a closed state, and sand and gravel silos and conveyor belts are equipped with dust-proof systems.

Aggregate transportation adopts fully automatic loading system, without shovel loading, which can greatly reduce noise and dust, orderly distribution of bins, reasonable separation of bins, belt conveying for the whole process of material separation and loading, which reduces noise and can control dust more effectively, and can save labor and loader use cost. At the same time, the transport capacity of belt conveying is bigger, and the feeding speed is greatly improved, which can fully meet the continuous production of aggregate supply of 3 large volume production lines and improve the production efficiency of the whole station.

The double spiral mixing mainframe adopts continuous mixing blade, which has strong shearing effect on concrete and is covered with special wear-resistant layer, which has super wear-resistant performance and good production performance and high efficiency. The equipment is also equipped with a monitoring system with high-definition camera, which can monitor the mixing situation inside the mainframe, and grasp the concrete’s consistency and collapse degree in real time to ensure the concrete quality.

In the process of concrete production and transportation, waste concrete is generally generated, accounting for 1.5% to 2% of the total production. The manufacturers need to spend high disposal costs, which not only causes waste of resources, but also leads to environmental pollution. Adhering to the concept of green efficiency and green recycling, Southern Road Machinery has developed WCRE60 automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment for this purpose.

WCRE60 automatic waste wet concrete recycling equipment has compact structure, regular and reasonable layout, good general performance, cleaner cleaning of aggregates, more thorough dewatering, sand fully complies with concrete production standards, stone does not contain mud and powder, effectively preventing solid particles from settling and siltation in the mixing tank. At the same time, the concentration of mud water can be controlled, which effectively guarantees the production quality of concrete. the application of WCRE60 will save a lot of raw materials for Ningbo Xusheng and realize the recycling.

In addition, for the purpose of intelligence and digitalization, the "Smart Concrete Control Command Center" has been built at a great cost, which is a "smart" wing for efficient and green development. The production, scheduling, operation and key monitoring screens of the commercial concrete mixing plant are displayed on the big screen in real time, and the whole process of raw material production, processing, transportation, concrete production and delivery is quality controlled, and the automatic control and data management functions of the concrete production process can be realized to meet the customer’s demand for efficient management and continuous production.

NFLG is looking forward to cooperating with more customers to develop new space for sustainable and win-win development, creating quality projects and painting the warmest undertones for urban development!

After more than 20 years of research and innovation, NFLG has always put environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction in an important position, and participated in the construction of many important projects at home and abroad, with rich landing experience and perfect service system, and is a trustworthy partner.

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