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The new direction of concrete mixing plant development

April 14, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

Concrete mixing plant equipment in today’s era of development situation, intelligent green will be the new direction of sustainable development. Nowadays, with the acceleration of urban and rural construction, the demand for concrete machinery has attracted the emergence of many new manufacturers, which also makes the whole market appear some undesirable phenomena. Concrete equipment on the market is endless, its quality is mixed, the price is high and low fluctuations. In order to attract customers, some manufacturers use the advantage of low prices to exaggerate the product to achieve marketing purposes, but at the same time there is no shortage of manufacturers, with low prices to attract buyers, while the technical parameters of the equipment has been stuck in the traditional ground. However, this is only temporary and does not expand the market and retain customers. The green concrete mixing plant with a certain level of automation, high weighing accuracy, good quality of the mixing plant and low investment has obviously taken control of the market and has become the first choice.

The precision of large mixing plant equipment is mainly reflected in the four aspects of aggregates, cement, admixtures and water. For aggregates, the accuracy is generally controlled at around 2%, cement at around 1%, admixtures at around 1% and guidelines at around 1%. For aggregates, the weighing is usually done using weighing hoppers, belt scales, which are usually cumulative, and weighing hoppers, which are divided into cumulative and individual weighing. Cement and other powders are also weighed individually and cumulatively. For admixtures, there are three types of weighing: volumetric, mass and pulse, depending on the admixture. For water, there are also 2 types of measurement, volumetric and weighing. Ensuring the accuracy of the raw material input is the key to producing high quality commercial concrete, and if the equipment is improved in terms of accuracy, it will undoubtedly add wings to the equipment.

The selection of raw materials is particularly important when producing a high quality commercial concrete mixing plant. With the increasing demand for green equipment to reduce the pollution caused by machinery and equipment to the environment, the selection of raw materials for the equipment has a certain impact on the production of environmentally friendly concrete mixing plants. As far as additives are concerned, fly ash, slag, water slag, calcium carbide slag and other industrial solid waste slag should be selected instead of the traditional dedicated coarse powder mill for processing consumption. In terms of aggregates, the relevant industries can also be reused to achieve the full use of resources, while achieving the purpose of resource saving. In terms of concrete mixing plant equipment control, reform should be grasped to fully realize full intelligence, thus liberating manpower and transforming the entire market into an armor of environmental intelligence. The development of the times, fully automatic equipment is the inevitable development. To always occupy a seat in the concrete machinery industry, the humanization, intelligence and environmental protection of the control system is indispensable.

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