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Do you know the core considerations of choosing concrete mixing equipment?

April 19, 2023 NFLG 0 Comments

In recent years, infrastructure construction has continued to advance, resulting in a growing demand for concrete. The huge market demand has attracted more and more investors. So, what do you need to pay attention to in the process of purchasing concrete mixing equipment?

How to choose the model of concrete mixing plant

According to the capital and the amount of concrete required for the project and the time to determine the daily concrete production, by the daily production of concrete to determine the equipment model. However, it is generally recommended to choose a slightly larger model of concrete mixing equipment. Because the concrete mixing equipment will produce reasonable time consumption of supplying, unloading, vehicle transportation and manual time consumption in the operation process, the actual output will generally be lower than the theoretical yield, so in order not to affect the normal construction progress, it is generally recommended that the user choose a slightly larger model of concrete mixing equipment.

As far as possible to visit the manufacturer for a site visit

In today’s rapid development of the Internet, the Internet is also full of a variety of information, users in screening information is often difficult to distinguish the true from the false, which requires users to understand through the Internet, first to determine some alternative manufacturers, and then go to the manufacturer to visit the site to understand whether the manufacturer is a formal manufacturer, its production scale, production process, equipment quality is excellent, and then decide whether to sign an order contract.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

The regular manufacturers of equipment more durable, concrete mixing equipment longer life, good quality equipment life can be up to several decades. In the after-sales service, the regular entity manufacturers have a perfect after-sales service system, problems can contact the manufacturer at any time, the manufacturer will promptly arrange for engineers to give maintenance plans or arrange for technical workers to repair the field.

The original spare parts and wearing parts problem

Concrete mixing equipment in the process of use will inevitably have small failures, especially long-term work under the wearing parts are more likely to damage. When the manufacturer sells the concrete mixing equipment, whether the original spare parts are provided later, and whether the wearing parts can be supplied for a long time, these are also issues that need to be considered before purchasing the equipment.

When choosing concrete mixing equipment, price is one aspect, its hourly output and environmental protection should also be noted. What can not be ignored is the manufacturer and after-sales service, no good equipment without good service quality is useless.

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